Dear Colleagues,

The 30th National Pathology Congress, organized by the Federation of Pathology Societies and the Turkish Pathology Society, will be held online on 20-23 May, 2021.

The National Pathology Congress is an important annual scientific gathering of Turkish pathologists, with a primary objective being to share and update the knowledge on pathology practice and also to address new achievements in this field. Claiming 30-year history of national pathology congresses, every member of the Congress Organizing Committee feels the responsibility to carry the efforts made throughout these years to the future generations. We believe that this important task will be completed with your contribution.

As in previous congresses, the scientific programme will be planned with the joint inputs of the working groups, commissions, boards that form the main power of the Federation of Pathology Societies and also by considering the suggestions of our dear members. We aim to maximize our congress scientifically with the contribution of international and national speakers, pathologists and scientists. Our main goal is to strengthen knowledge by updating and sharing new information, and also to ensure the integrity of the morphological diagnosis with the genetic data. To review current information and developments, to share reseach data and experiences, to determine and find solutions for routine practice problems, to raise awareness of the imput of morphology in the clinical diagnosis, to apply genomics in pathology practice, integrate the results with the histologic diagnosis and generate effective reports for targeted therapy are the important facts that we want to cover in this congress.  We believe that the congress will open up new horizons for all the participants, especially for young generation pathologists.

In the scientific program, in addition to the conferences, panels, slide seminars, short courses and videomicroscopy sessions as in previous congresses, there will also be multidisiplinary sessions, workshops, case consultation sessions. The congress will be honored by world-renowned guest speakers. The official language of the congress is Turkish. However, since we foresee congress participation from abroad, there will be translation in English and the halls to be provided will be specified in the congress program. 

The motto of the Congress is “from the past to the future…”, referring to the scientific developments that reinforces the future role of pathology. The motto also gives us responsibility to ensure our respected teachers and young colleagues to meet in the same scientific and social platforms.

On behalf of the Federation of Pathology Societies, we would like to invite you to join us online, for an exciting and stimulating congress that will be enriched with your participation and contributions.   


Congress Presidents

Prof. Dr. Çiğdem Ataizi ÇELİKEL
President of the Turkish Society of Pathology
President of 30th National Pathology Congress

Prof. Dr. Kemal BAKIR
President of the Federation of Turkish Pathology Societies